How to become a New Paltz Democratic Committee Member

Becoming a member of your local Democratic Committee is simple. Our committee meets once a month. You are required to put in extra time during election season to help get candidates elected. This extra time can be spent in ways that work best for your schedule. Election tasks range from petitioning to collect signatures in your assigned district. Publicizing candidates and their platform on social media. Hosting small fundraiser events or informational “meet & greets” in your home. Making GOTV phone calls to local constituents. Attending the Ulster County Democratic Committee conventions to nominate candidates.

Steps to becoming a committee member:

  • Attend one of our monthly meetings which happens on the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Village Hall.
  • Write an email requesting to become a member:
    • Send email to:
    • Subject: New Paltz Democratic Committee Membership Request
    • Include a brief statement of who you are
    • Include a statement of why you want to join the committee, and what you would like to work on as a committee member
      • Example: I am an activist and I’m passionate about politics, public service and participation.
      • Example: I am a people person and would like to participate in fundraising activities and door to door canvasing to get local democrats elected to office.
      • Example: I am a writer and can help the committee with letter writing, social media postings and media outreach.
      • Example: I am an activist and can help the committee with voter outreach and door to door canvassing.
      • Example: I am a techie and would like to help the committee with data processing and website maintenance.
      • Example: I am a graphic designer and would like to help with newsletters, ads, brochures, signs and logos.
      • Example: I am a photographer and can help with attending events to take photos.
      • Example: I am a student and I’m interested in participating in phone banking events for candidates and just learning more about how the democratic party operates.
    • Once your letter is received by the committee you will be asked to attend the next committee meeting where members will interview you. This process is a simple question and answer session where we learn more about you and give you the opportunity to learn more about us.

We hope that you will join us at the table and add your unique voice to the discussion on who is selected to be a candidate, who is supported by the committee, and who eventually gets elected to represent us in office. It’s important work and we can’t do it without you.