New Paltz Petition Saturday!

New Paltz Petition Saturday!

signing a petition - via flickrOn Saturday, March 16, we are inviting all registered Democratic voters to Village Hall beginning at 10 a.m., to sign petitions that will get our county and town candidates on the ballot ahead of the June 25 primary election. We also invite volunteers to help us “carry” petitions in New Paltz’ ten election districts by door knocking  and asking voters to sign between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Grass roots Democratic representation starts with getting candidates on the ballot.

Ulster County Executive candidate Pat Ryan
Photo: GloriaWaslyn

Pat Ryan for County Executive
This election cycle, Pat Ryan tops the ticket. The former CD-19 candidate who won in New Paltz is running a three-part marathon for County Executive — to replace Mike Hein. First, there is a special election against an ultra-right Conservative/Republican party challenger on April 30. Should Pat Ryan win — and we need everyone’s help to accomplish that — he will become County Executive, take office immediately and serve until the end of 2019. Then, as the incumbent, Pat Ryan would run in the June 25 Democratic primary for a four-year term. He would then face off against a Republican for the second time on November 5! For more information Ryan for Ulster County 

Dave Clegg for District AttorneyUlster County District Attorney candidate Dave Clegg

 If elected, Clegg he would have a historic win. No Democrat has held that office since 1850 — yes you read that right! Since before the Civil War! Clegg is a well-known civil rights attorney in Kingston. For more information  CleggforDA.


Bryan Rounds for Ulster County JudgeBryan Rounds for Ulster County Judge
Ulster County Judge is an elected position that handles all criminal court cases. It is a ten-year term. Kingston attorney Bryan Rounds, 50, is running for this office, discussing restorative justice. For more information Rounds for Judge


Eve Walter for County Legislature Dist. 20 (New Paltz Village)
Ms. Walter is running to replace incumbent Hector Rodriguez who has represented the Village and is not seeking re-election. She is a SUNY research scientist specializing in violence, criminology, health and youth risk and Chairman of the New Paltz Village Planning Board. For more information Eve Walter


Jim Delaune, Ulster County legislator, district 20Jim Delaune for County Legislature Dist 17 (Town of New Paltz and a portion of Esopus)
Incumbent Delaune is Chairman of the Legislative Programs, Education and Community Services Committee which sets policy and reviews contracts for our community college, libraries, Office of the Aging and Veteran’s Affairs among others. He also has long experience in conservation and community development.


Candidates for New Paltz Town offices include:
James Bacon, Town Justice
Rosanna Rosenkranse, Town Clerk/Tax Collector
Julie Seyfert-Lillis – Town Councilman
Alexandra Baer – Town Councilman