Antonio Delgado Sworn In

Antonio Delgado Sworn In

Congressman Antonio Delgado (D-NY19) being sworn in by NY Sen. Charles Schumer
Photo by Maggie Veve

By Maggie Veve

Our newly elected congressman, Antonio Delgado was sworn in by Senator Charles Schumer at a ceremonial event in the Hudson Opera House on Saturday, January 12, 2019.
In his acceptance speech, our Congressman denounced the federal government shutdown and announced that he has requested his paycheck be withheld until federal workers checks are sent. Mr. Delgado also enumerated his district legislative priorities and organizational activities: legislation to address the environment with particular emphasis on the water crisis in the district, broadband access, public works infrastructure, the opioid crisis and affordable and universal health care.

Congressman Delgado also announced the introduction of his first bill, (the bi-partisan Disabilities Integration Act) and that he is a co-sponsor of HR1, a bill focused on election reform and ethics.

He committed to opening offices throughout the district, establishing community advisory boards, having town halls in every county in the district during his first year, and visiting schools. To labor he said: “You’ll see me on the picket lines.” He stated that his goal is to create a space to listen and learn, work together to dialogue and find solutions and showing up and delivering.

Congressman Delgado closed with the sentiments expressed by Reinhold Niebuhr: Our capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but our inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary.